I can write a 5k+ word story about random people who are absolute strangers ,but have struggled for a month to write two words about myself on this page..Yup ,that’s me !!

Hi ,I am Gauri Sood ,a software engineer by profession ,but a writer ,dreamer ,travel junkie by heart (sounds too familiar ,doesn’t it ?? ).Lets just say I like getting lost in the world of words and feel I can express myself better on paper than anywhere else . I love making detailed travel plans and itineraries in my head about places on my travel wish list , observing people and weaving stories about them in my imagination and sometimes cooking new dishes in the kitchen when someone is bold enough to try them .. Through this blog I hope to share a few of my experiences as I stumble along the path of life ,discovering ,exploring and learning . Shedding the cloak of a “closet writer” that I have been for many years  ,I hope  this space will motivate me to write ,read ,travel and err…eat more  ( the last one doesn’t sound too good  ,does it ?! )


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. that sounds like a perfect way to say who you are!!
    loved it Gauri..

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