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Most of us have vague memories from our childhood watching Ads on TV with as much (or sometimes more interest) than the main television content . Years down the line ,we might have forgotten the story line and characters of our TV programmes  (can you blame me for not remembering who Prerna  from Kasauti Zindagi Ki ,married and remarried  for like the hundredth time , after her husband died and was miraculously born again !! 😀 )  ,but the good ads remain etched in our memories forever . Here are a few gems amongst Indian ads ,that sparkle with creativity and bring some much needed liveliness and intelligence  into our othewise mundane  Idiot Box viewing . Since all of them could not be covered in a single post , I have arranged them in a sort of chronological order ,starting with the most recent .

1) Google Reunion

Within a few days of it’s release ,this Ad became one of the most popular and shared videos online . Small suprise  though – coming from Google ,this ad is literally advertising at its best – the marketing of the product cleverly  weaved around a heart stirring , touching narrative . The ad portrays the universally familiar theme of human bondage and friendships in the midst of national politics and managed to touch the hearts of people throughout the world and not just India and Pakistan .  The soulful music in the background lends an additional charm  to the ad .


2) Tanishq Remarriage 

I feel Tanishq should definitely be applauded for this Ad and the beautiful yet important social message that it conveys . Till now jewellery ads in India would be restricted to fair , blushing brides  overloaded with jewellery on their weddings . Or worst still , unmarried girls agreeing to marry after a look at the ” breathtaking “bridal jewellery collection  (LOL !!) . This ad broke many boundaries by openly talking about a subject which is mostly taboo in India – remarriage .

3) Bande Ache Hain – ICICI Prudential

One of my personal favourites is this ad by ICICI prudential . This ad recognizes and  applauds  the non macho but  quintessential  “good men” in our lives , our very own superheroes -the responsible fathers , the caring husbands  and boyriends . In a country where morality of most men has recently come under severe questioning owing to growing crimes against women , this ad sends a very subtle yet much needed positive message . The tagline “Jo Zimmedari Nibhate hai woh Jatate nahi !!” is also very effective in capturing the essence of the ad .


4) Vodafone Zoo zoos

These adorable Zoo zoos definitely took Indian advertising to a whole new level in terms of creativity,imagination  and execution . Each ad is centered around one of the many services that Vodafone offers .These ads are so cute and funny ,that you wouldn’t mind watching them over and over again and guffawing at the silly antics of these unique creatures (who by the way are humans in costumes and not animation ) . The funny sounds and the apt expressions and mannerisms are praiseworthy .

5) Hari Sadhu and Feviquick

Humor has always been an important part of Indian advertising and a lot of companies  since decades have tried to win customers by  tickling their funny bones . After all ,who doesn’t love a good laugh ? These ads provide the much needed comic relief in between the tear jerking Saas Bahu dramas and the depressingly endless bouts of  “Breaking News ” that Indian television viewers are subjected to everyday . From the wisecracks of the cool dude in Sprite ads to the mindless but  rather hilarious antics in the  Mentos ads  , this form of advertising is a winner all the way .

There have been so many excellent funny ads ,that it is actually difficult to pick a few . These two were the ones I somehow remembered most clearly , so putting them here .

6) Airtel

Somehow the Telecom operators in India always manage to churn out the most meaningful and creative ads out of all segments , be it the endearing Pug and Zoo zoos from Vodafone ,or the Idea “What an Idea Sirji “campaign . But it’s usually Airtel who wins in terms of path breaking and powerful advertising ,which touches a chord with millions of people . The Airtel “Beyond boundaries ” ad , the cachy “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai ” ,accompanied by the familiar Airtel tune , are remembered even today .  This was one of Airtel’s oldest ads , but one which defines great advertising according to me .

The list will be continued in the next post ,where I will revisit some of the Golden favourites of the 80s and 90S generation . Meanwhile ,do keep me posted on what your favorite Ads are….