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Noodle Bar , Phoenix Market City Mall , Whitefield ,Bangalore

A rather notable addition to Whitefield area in Bangalore is the presence of Phoenix Mall  .  Large and loaded with international as well as desi brands , it has become a popular hangout with the bustling IT population residing in the area and even other parts of Bangalore . On weekends  , eating in the food courts of popular malls in Bangalore is a rather daunting task ,so we settled for the newly opened Noodle Bar for an  Oriental ,Sunday evening meal.

Though there were five of us , we did not have to wait long for a table and were seated within ten minutes or so .The restaurant has a pleasant ambience (with some typical touches to signify an  Asian connection )  ,comfortable and cheery without being too formal . We were given a corner sofa which made it a bit of a tight fit for five  . The menu  has reasonable variety of options for both   vegetarians as well as non veggies . Though Noodle Bar certainly doesn’t ( thankfully ) fall into the category of typical Indo Chinese ,”Gobi  Manchurian” serving restaurants , however most Chinese dishes favored by the desi  tastebuds find themselves on the menu (though they might be disguised under fancier sounding names 🙂 ) . The name “Noodle Bar” is a bit of a misnomer since the restaurant also serves some other Asian cuisines besides Chinese like Thai ,Indonesian , Burmese etc .

For soup and starters we ordered the Sweet corn Soup (Chicken ) ,a plate of Java  Chicken Lollipop and Aromatic Vegetable  Dimsums . The quantity of the soup was huge , (we had ordered a one by two potion ,but it ended up becoming  almost one by four!! ) .The  soup was tasty , though it was more of a chicken soup with few sweet corn bits rather than being the other way round .The Java Chicken Lollipop again surprised us with its generous servings as well as taste ,it was bang on !! The Aromatic Vegetable Dimsums were fried and not steamed and resembled the fortune cookies that are presented in few Chinese restaurants  . The vegetable filling inside was just OK as well . But again , the quantity impressed ,if not the quality .

Going to the main Course , we ordered Garlic Chilli Chicken  , Stir fried Chinese Greens ,Vegetable Hakka Noodles ,and Mee Goreng . Fresh from our trip to Bali ,we were rather excited to see Mee Goreng and Nasi Goreng on the menu but were severely disappointed .The Mee Goreng here resembled nothing like the lip smacking one in Bali . It was over spiced and overcooked in tomato sauce (reminded me a little of Top Ramen Noodles ) . The Garlic chili chicken was  good ,but definitely dimmed in comparison with its Vegetarian counterpart . The Greens of the dish  were fresh and flavorful and the garlic sauce  made very well . Going by the appetizers and the soup ,we had expected the servings to be  much larger ,but they were decently proportioned . After the Mee Goreng  misadventure  ,we decided to stick to safer pastures for rice and ordered a simple vegetable fried rice which did not disappoint .

Although the tummies were full ,we could not resist ordering the Sizzling Fruit and Nut Brownie .  From afar it smelt divine and looked pretty with a big slab of brownie and ice cream ,and banana spring rolls delicately balanced on the sides .  However ,the restaurant apparently takes it’s “Sizzle” rather seriously .By the time the sizzle and the smoke had subsided  ,the Vanilla ice cream was almost reduced to a milky mess  thanks to the excessive heat .The brownie was soft and promising  ,but the accompanying chocolate sauce and nuts were almost charring at  an alarming rate . Definitely not the best sizzling Brownies experiences I have had !!

The service was attentive  . A meal for a single person costs around 500-600 per person (without drinks ) ,which I feel is slightly costly . Overall  ,a good place to come with family and friends when you are in the mall and want to avoid the noisy ,overcrowded food courts .

Overall rating : 7.5

Address : 1st Floor, Phoenix Market City Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore , India