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The 10 day Ganesh Chaturthi celabrations  saw us taking a break from Non vegetarian food last week and exploring some vegetarian options in Bangalore . I had not eaten the Rajasthani- Gujarati kind of Thali for a long time ,so we decided to head to NH8 in Indiranangar . We had heard some good reviews about the place ,and the restaurant mostly managed to  live up to its claim .


NH8 is situated on the 80 feet road ,on the 3rd floor of the Bata Showroom building . They do not have dedicated parking ,(like most restaurants in Indira Nagar) ,but it was easy to find a parking in one of the neighboring  by lanes . The cuisine is Rajasthani , and the first impression of the restaurant captures the Rajasthan essence very well –  from the waiting area with the low deewan seating and the bright mirror work cushions ,to the attendants clad in ethnic attire and the big “pagdis “ welcoming you warmly at the entrance . There are two types of seating arrangements ,the normal table-sofa types and the  traditional floor seating . The floor seating area is very cutely done up with mirrors ,rich colored cushions  ,hanging puppets and alike . The ambience certainly deserves a thumbs up !!

Even though it was a Sunday evening ,the restaurant was relatively empty when we arrived . No sooner did we settle down ,the “Athithi Satkar” (hospitality ) began . In many parts of India , guests are awarded the stature of God and the state of Rajasthan is especially known for its warm hospitality towards their guests . We were first served a glass of refreshing  Chaas (buttermilk ) along with Jal Jeera . This was followed by an array of mouth watering appetizers ,served along with Mithi Imli Chutney and Mirch ka achaar ( green chilli pickle ) . These included a dal ki kachori ,the traditional “Dal Baati” with Ghee and Churma  ,a mewe ki Kachori ,roasted papad  and a dahi Chaat . The servers were very attentive and warm ,and gave the names of each dish clearly before serving (Unlike some other busy chains ,where they plonk the various items on the plate and then disappear ) .


The “ Baati” was nice and soft and along with the dal and the dollops of ghee gave a delicious (though heavy)  start to the meal . The Dal ki Kachori was crisp and thankfully  not overly spicy and went well with the Imli chutney . The Mewa ki kachori was sweet and obviously a  generous amount of ghee had gone into its making ,so I could manage to take only a few bites . The taste of the green chilli pickle was spot on , and the curd in the dahi ki chaat ,with crisp small papris scattered about , provided a welcome relief from the hurricane of  flavours that the tummies were absorbing . When we were politely asked for second helpings by the servers ,we were already quite full . After a small second helping of Daal Baati Churma ,we wisely decided to move on to the main course .

In between the courses ,the waiters were encouraging guests to sport the traditional red Rajasthani pagdis . Most guests were  enjoying  having the caps on the heads and clicking photos ,which lent an informal charm to the restaurant .The service at this restaurant is commendable ,with the servers making sure from time to time that the guests are satisfied ,without being too intrusive .  They had fair knowledge of the cuisine as well  ,and provided friendly tips on what should be eaten with what .

Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthani Thali

Moving on to the main course ,we were served with 4 kinds of gravy dishes – the famous gatte ki sabzi ,
Tariwale Alu (gravy potatoes ) ,kadai paneer and Rajasthani Kadi . This was accompanied by 3 kinds of breads – Paratha , baby size roties  and a bajre ki roti with ghee smeared on top . I liked the gatte ki sabzi and especially the Rajasthani Kadi ,which was spicy and tangy . The potatoes were average and somehow the kadai paneer seemed a little out of place in the spread . In the breads ,I especially enjoyed tasting the bajre ki roti ,with some Gud (jiggery) on top , as suggested by the servers . Pulao and Khichadi were also offered ,and I took a just a bite of the homely Khichadi as the stomach was already quite full .

But the Thali was of course ,not  complete without the desserts . Shrikhand and moong dal ka halwa followed . After tasting them ,one would  almost regret not having 2 stomachs !! The creamy Shrikhand was lightly flavored with Cardomom  and the Moong dal ka Halwa displayed its goodness even in the 2 scanty bites that we managed to take . A very sweet ending to a fun evening !!

The Thalis are priced at Rs 350/- per head (might be lesser during weekdays ) . The service and ambience is great .Since the place is relatively lesser known ,one can totally enjoy the meal without the hassles of  full tables and overworked servers . Overall I recommend the place if you enjoy vegetarian Thalis and for the experience .

Overall rating – 8.2/10

Address : 710, 3rd Floor, Above New Bata Showroom, 80 Feet Road, Indiranagar ,Bangalore , India