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Its raining in Bangalore nowadays !! Though most times it means more traffic and more chaos unleashed on the streets of our perpetually unprepared Indian cities ,yet rains always trigger  some wonderful memories . There is  no bliss greater than looking out from the balcony at the rain falling ,while sipping on a steaming cup of ginger tea .  I remember writing  this impromptu post a few years back and though of sharing the same with you .

Tale of a Rainy Afternoon

It was a dull dark afternoon. The clouds thundered in the distant background, accompanied occasionally by a silver streak of lightning. Ramya sat by the window in her room, and heard the sound of raindrops dancing on the roof. A strong wind opened the windows suddenly and the cool raindrops  caressed against her face. As she extended her hand quickly to close the window, she was reminded of those other rainy days, much long  ago.

Her earliest memories of the rains were confined to splashing about in the puddles when coming home from school. The kids of the street welcomed the rains with their paper boats , while their anxious mothers shouted at them for getting soaked in the rain. Sometimes heavy rainfall would result in unannounced  holidays from school, and little Ramya was sure every kid in town that night went to sleep with a half finished homework and a prayer to the rain God that the showers continue throughout the night. Long power cuts in the evening were common during the monsoons, when the entire family would gather in the verandah. Antakshari was played often to pass the time, while their mother would scurry to and fro from the kitchen, supplying them with mouth watering  hot snacks ranging from pakoras and bread rolls. Occasionally when the rain would stop for a while, the kids would accompany their father to the halwai, and come back armed with samosas and jalebis.          


As Ramya grew older she began to understand the nostalgia and the burst of feelings, associated with the rainy season. She loved the  turmoil and chaos that would result on the road due to a sudden  shower. Busy roads bursting with people would empty within minutes, while small children would struggle with umbrellas  bigger than themselves on their way back from school. The smell of damp earth would re freshen her senses, and nature, as if transformed, would fire her creative senses and inspire her to paint or write. After four blistering summer months, the arrival of rains seemed almost like a miracle, as if the Gods had themselves  descended and showered the earth with their divine blessings in the form of rain.

 Rains and Romance! The two were almost synonymous with each other – from couples huddling under trees and umbrellas to Bollywood rain dance sequences. Ramya herself had experienced the blossom of first love on a similar rainy day. A walk in the  rain holding your beloved’s hand, or a romantic drive with the moon playing hide and seek behind the clouds, the rains redefined love like nothing else .

Then there were other memories – dancing in the seasons’ first rain on the rooftop, shooting at reckless cyclists who would splash water on the girls and spoil their dresses …Ramya wondered where all these moments had gone. Caught up in the hustle and bustle of work and a hectic city life, had she forgotten to even pause and savor the beautiful changes that the rains would bring to everyone’s mundane life? Her own depressing afternoon today had been brightened by reliving these memories. And as she saw a  tiny paper boat sailing by on the road, Ramya smiled and got  up to make a herself a cup of hot tea, even as she continued to romance the rains in her mind.


Hope you enjoyed ..Let me know what are your best memories associated with rain ?