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Olivers Ristorante ,Whitefield, Bangalore


It was a Friday evening and like most people we were in the TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday ) mode . Me and hubby  decided to head out to Olivers Ristorante  in Whitefield ,which is very conveniently  located in the vicinity . Situated  on the well known Graphite India Main  Road ,it is quite easy to locate (A map has also been given in the restaurants’ website ) . We had done prior booking through poshvine.com . The restaurant have their own car parking which is shared with Ommi Fitness Centre .

Ok ,so a little confession here . We had previously visited Olivers’ once and the experience was mixed . Though the food was good , there had been some glaring blunders  – many dishes on the menu not available including pizzas ,confusion in serving orders ,delayed service etc . But the day had been Valentine’s Day and the staff were clearly over stretched to meet the huge inflow of guests ,which  somewhat excused the goof ups . Anyway ,the staff had been apologetic and  the place had given me a good vibe ,so we decided to give it another try . And I’m glad we did !!

The ambience of the restaurant is beautiful with garden seating as well as indoor seating available. The garden is decorated with hung lanterns and the quirky graffiti on the walls lends a cheery , offbeat feel to the place .In lovely Bangalore weather ,it is definitely a good place to enjoy  a relaxed and  casual meal .We didn’t opt for garden seating ,owing to the loud music streaming in from the neighboring restaurant .

We were presented with the menu promptly ,which was in the form of a single clipped wooden board (the kind we used in exams during childhood ),titled “Olivers Times”. Though not too big ,it offers fair variety in continental fare covering the usual pizzas ,pastas and sizzlers with some interesting soups and one pot meal options . We decided to try the Oliver’s Special Wingo as starter ,along with a banana strawberry smoothie .



A few minutes after the order ,we were presented with few slices of garlic bread (which is complimentary ) . The bread was fresh and nicely flavoured   and went well with the chilled smoothie ,which arrived next . The baby pink smoothie in the glass ,somewhat resembled a very homely“ roohafza “shake  and I think the presentation could definitely have been a bit more attractive . The taste was however quite good with the perfect consistency and sweetness , though the banana  did overpower most of the strawberry flavor .

The Chicken Wings were next to arrive and were lusciously coated with thick sauce , served along with a creamy dip and some vegetable sticks .The sauce was mostly sweet (plum sauce I suppose ,but not sure ),but the Chicken did retain most of its crunch despite the generous coating . I think it might be a little wise for them to include a mini description in the menu ,regarding the kind of Chicken Wings being served ,as some people are fond of spicy ,crispy Chicken wings and a generic “Olivers Special Wingo” does not provide much clue . I found the Wings too sweet after eating 2-3 ,but my husband enjoyed them .The accompanying dip frankly did not make much sense to me as I not only that  felt it didn’t go  well with the the Wings ,it was too lightly flavored for my liking with too much whipped cream and the use of some stronger herbs would have been nicer  .



For the main course  we had ordered the Peri peri Chicken Frankfurters  Pizza as we wanted to try out their  special Thin crust pizzas .  We were unsure whether to order another main dish , but realized soon enough that it had been a good decision to refrain . The pizza was quite huge .The crust was light and baked well and the pizza had wafer thin Frankfurters sprinkled generously across. We enjoyed  the  pizza  ,but could hardly finish it ,so asked for packing the remains ,which the staff gladly obliged .Here again I felt that though the tastes were bang on ,the presentation needed a little more attention to perk up the pizza ,which looked somewhat pale and forlorn .

One thing that somewhat soured the meal was the very jarring music coming from the neighbouring Opus in the Creek . The music played by the at guys at Olivers ‘ was drowned by the loud ruckus coming from there (Unfortunately for us ,it was probably Karaoke night there and the no offense ,but the singing ,hollering actually ,was quite painful !! ) . Another spoiler were the mosquitos that made their presence very noticeable with time. With the ongoing dengue  fear , the management should definitely do something about them .

Since we had booked through Poshvine ,we were presented with a complimentary dessert by the Chef . Even though  the tummies were full ,we could hardly resist tucking in the molten lava cake along with Vanilla Icecream and polished it off within a few minutes . The molten lava cake was amazing – soft ,chocolaty and gooey ,a perfect  ending to a satisfying meal .

The bill amount was pretty reasonable  (around 650 Rs after taxes),so the restaurant is quite value for money  . The service was friendly  and the guys were eager that we give our review on Zomato ,a fact which I found appealing as it shows the restaurants’  commitment to improve and raise their bar higher  . They also have some breakfast options and I guess we’ll definitely head there for it sometime in the future .