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Bali ,Day 4


After spending three days enjoying the beauties of Ubud , we were ready to explore  other pastures in Bali – namely the beach town of Sanur . Sanur is a tranquil ,lazy town and frequented more by European tourists rather than party loving Australians and youngsters  . The drive from the Nefatari Villas to Sanur was about an hour and a half ,but did not seem half so long, because of the green rice terraces in Ubud and later the sparkling blue waters of Sanur’s coastline , beckoning us . .

The hotel we chose to stay was the Puri Santrian , which is quite a well known resort in this area . A number of hotels are constructed along the stretch of the Sanur beach and thus it almost acts as private beach for the visitors to these hotels .

The Puri Santrian is a typical big resort like Hotel ,very different from the homely and informal atmosphere we experienced at the Nefatari .It is famous for its beautifully landscaped gardens . The huge statues of various gods and goddesses at the entrance, pool and spa area and dotting the gardens ,  ensure that tourists get a real “Bali” feel when staying here .

It was almost noon by the time we finished check in and setting in (since December is off season ,we were upgraded to a suite ) . Since we felt too lazy to go out and explore lunch options, we decided to have lunch at the Puri Santrian itself . We headed to their open air restaurant by the beach . The weather at that time of the day was perfect , with absolutely  clear skies and a cool breeze blowing . It was a welcome change to have lunch with the sound of waves gently crashing in the distance .The service was rather slow and unhurried , but we weren’t complaining . Everything about the surroundings seemed to calm the senses and the mind .

Puri Santrian beach hotel

Puri Santrian beach hotel

After the late lunch we couldn’t resist venturing closer to the beach .  Most people were relaxing in the beach loungers and sun beds provided by the hotel and only a few people were inside the water .  Since we too didn’t have any big plans for the remaining part of the day ,we clonked ourselves on one of these and idled the time away reading and napping by the beach .

Relaxing by the beach

Relaxing by the beach

Evening saw us finally heading out of the hotel . The main road in front of the hotel ,is one of Sanur’s most famous streets as it houses some of the finest restaurants of Bali ,for all types of world cuisines .In fact Sanur is an excellent place for foodies to explore ,with the entire road dotted with so many restaurants and eateries that one is spoilt for choice .As the sun sets ,the street gets more alive with many restaurants having live bands and dancers performing . We had a fun time simply walking up and down the long street , exploring the food options and enjoying the transformation of Sanur from a laid back town in the daylight to a lively ,mesmerizing food and shopping street after evening .

Our palettes craved some good Indian food ,and after checking out few reviews on trip advisor ,we settled on the “Little India “ ,which supposedly boasts of authentic Indian food at decent prices . The ambience of the place was nothing much to write about honestly ,with a few paintings of village women ,decked in traditional clothes and jewellery , hung  to give the place an Indian feel .The female servers wore bindis and did a dutiful Namaste ,but I doubt they had any knowledge of the Indian food beyond that .  After tasting the food, it soon became apparent that the ravishing  reviews had been written by people having limited knowledge and experience of Indian food .To be fair ,our food of Chicken Tikka and Malai Kofta was decent (a plate of mini samosas was complimentary) ,and the best  you can expect in a foreign land at such reasonable prices .It is a good option was those who cannot live without their “desi Khana “ anywhere  ,but nothing that blew our minds away.